How to hire an excellent junior React Native developer

You can also view profiles of developers on specific platforms and send job offers to suitable candidates. Soft skills help developers use their hard skills effectively while collaborating with the development team and the clients. A developer with effective technical as well as soft skills makes a specialist developer. Once you decide to use React Native to build your app, the next step is to hire a React Native developer or a React native development team. First, let us have a look at some benefits of hiring a React Native developer.

How to Hire a React Native Developer

Facebook is using React Native in multiple places across multiple apps in the Facebook family. Within the Facebook app, Event dashboard and Marketplace are both using React Native. But later on, they’ve also launched the support for Android that became the foundation of React Native today. Have reusable code between Android and iOS as well as across various Grab apps like the Driver and Merchant App.

It is based on the leading technology- React, which was developed by Facebook. React is used for web app development, whereas React Native was created to solve the main issue of maintaining separate code bases for Android and iOS. Engineers who have just graduated from college-level courses will be able to work on projects that require more advanced skills.

ReactJS Workflows

Identify the critical features and core functionality of your app. He should have basic app navigation skills such as push, modal, etc. Ability to use native APIs for tight integration into all frameworks. A lot can go wrong when bringing on new employees because there’s always some element of uncertainty about how well they match up against our requirements . It’s also possible nobody will fit into place at all – meaning we’ll be starting over again from scratch.

Appvales helps companies design, build, test, and launch mobile apps. Not only can we handle a project in its entirety, but we also work with in-house development teams to develop mobile apps. It requires that you have expertise in React Native to correctly assess the skills and experience at the table. Alternatively, you can choose a reputable, transparent company and entrust them with putting together your mobile development team.

They may be recent graduates or any developer who recently switched from one language to another. With React Native, the team was able to ship the apps with a native look and feel built by the same team of JavaScript engineers. This is where hiring an excellent React Native Developer comes in. Keep reading to learn how to find the ideal React developer for your company.

Timely Delivery

Ensure to hire an organization that is flexible enough to change its engagement model according to your business requirements. A few organizations need a more experiential method, whereas others highly depend on their coders’ experience. If you hire developers from different time zones, remember that you may go against their natural workflow. For a seamless and easy workflow, know about their time zone and schedule meetings accordingly. A portfolio showcases the past projects that a company successfully finished. Hence, it helps you understand whether to hire the company or look for other alternatives.

  • After the conversation, your colleague’s opinion will be important to a well-rounded assessment.
  • While working with these features, he must also know how to overcome the challenges.
  • Ensure that they are competent, have leadership qualities, manage work, work under stress, and be expert and certified professionals.
  • The developers must be able to learn technology updates and changes when required.
  • An analytic and creative developer can seamlessly find the issues and figure out solutions to overcome them.

The testimonials are the most interesting thing because of how they’re written. A developer gives the Clutch team contact information of a client, Clutch interviews that client and puts together a testimonial. Start by describing the problem you want to solve with the prospective app and its target audience. Then explain how the app is going to solve that problem, how it’s going to work and what will make it better than currently available solutions.

Entry Level

It’s not only about the technical expertise of a developer, which you should check. It will help you understand how sincerely and efficiently a person will complete your application. The non-technical skills talk about candidates’ personalities and are even more important than technical skills.

A competent React Native developer should be familiar with both operating platforms, i.e., Android and iOS apps. Furthermore, in order to execute an app on various devices, they should also be familiar and expert with both Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift . Choose the most appropriate applications of 20 candidates and schedule an appointment with them for further interviews. A mid-level React Native developer must know all the common approaches to optimize the performance of various types of apps. Build apps within pre-decided time and budget by coordinating with the cross-functional team.

How to Hire a React Native Developer

It was developed to bring all the advantages of web development such as quick iterations and having only one team to develop the whole product to mobile app development. Other than using React Native in the Facebook app, the Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Analytics app are both built using React Native. Facebook is moving to a unified repository for both platforms and only one common JavaScript code will be necessary. Leverage the expertise of top React Native developers to build scalable cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. A top-performing react native developer will have a strong grasp of both technical and non-technical skills. Below is a list of skills to look out for when looking to hire dedicated react native developers.

The developers must be able to learn technology updates and changes when required. You should hire front-end developers well-aware of different JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer Tools – Google Chrome. They must be proficient in maximizing the React library and dealing with build tools like Yarn, NPM, Webpack, and Visual Studio Code. ReactJS developers should be well-versed in using unit testing frameworks and technologies like Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Tape, Jest, etc. They must be proficient in integration testing tools like Karma.

The class components render the mutable or dynamic data only after a certain event happens. And directly impact your project strategy and the business itself. So, the main point is to make sure that the candidate will get on the same page with you. Now that you shortlisted your applicants and invited them to the interview, your next step will be to prepare for the call meetings.

Hard Skills to Look for in a React Native Developer

In addition, they will fabricate your applications rapidly and guarantee ideal conveyance. Each application requires regular updates to develop performance further and fix bugs . React Native uses a feature named Code Push that assists the developers in pushing out updates with prompt impact. The applications based on React Native don’t force you to refresh the application. The updates get introduced through the cloud, and you don’t need to dispatch the application once more.

But we also invite our clients to interview the developers we’ve selected for them. If you want to interview your candidates, here are some of the standard questions to ask, along with possible answers. Even though you’re hiring for a junior position, you still need to evaluate each candidate’s skills to make sure they meet your requirements for the role. Clearly describe what applicants can expect from the hiring process, including how many interview rounds there will be and whether you require applicants to take any pre-employment assessments. Make sure to state that the open position is for a junior developer to establish the degree of responsibility and expectations of the role. This will encourage only those with this level of experience to apply.

How to Hire a React Native Developer

Today, every company that wants a mobile solution has React Native developers on their team. The ease with which React Native apps can be built ensures that there’s no need to hire developers separately for iOS and Android devices. Every developer is familiar with JavaScript, yet it may not be adequate for your requirements. Are you planning tohire a react native developer or a dedicated offshore React native development team?

Check out the template below for a job overview to hire React Native developers. This framework utilizes the combination of JSX, JavaScript, and XML-Esque markup and develops mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The mobile apps developed use C for iOS and native rendering APIs in Java for Android. Many new mobile apps or cross-platform frameworks have been launched in the past few years but React Native is still maintaining its presence. According to Statista, it stood at 2nd position among the most used framework among developers globally. The ideal candidate for this position can work with React Native and JavaScript on projects that require them.

Whether it is to socialize with friends, order groceries, pay bills, learn about current events, or listen to music, we all rely on apps. This demand has created a need for react native developers, especially when you consider the app industry is speculated to reach $935 billion by 2023. ReactJS offers many advantages, including easy coding, maintenance across the SDLC, enhanced productivity, and quick rendering of robust products.

Junior React Native Developer

This is done by creating components from different prototypes and wireframes. They also write automated tests to generate clean, efficient and maintainable code which is reusable. On these platforms, you can not only view the services companies provide but also check out real feedback from the company’s clients and choose the most reliable partner. You also can google the official websites of companies and check their blogs in order to decide if the company’s services are compliant with your needs.

Senior React Native developer

After you get evidence that your idea is worth investing in, you can move on to hiring your core team. Have basic knowledge of React Native libraries, components, and APIs. Thousands of app are using React Native, from established Fortune 500 companies to startups.

There’s no shortage of freelancers to choose from, but how do you find the best one? Upwork has been a popular option for small companies without an in-house team or with a limited budget. Toptal and React Native communities on GitHub, Linked In, and Facebook also offer their services. For those of us with entrepreneurial spirits, we know that your project is a top priority.

React Native developers can support all these applications without affecting user experience. React Native is one of the best frameworks for developing iOS and Android apps. React Native developers can create dynamic applications in a budget-friendly manner. Also, these applications are easy to maintain, update, and support. The react-native mobile app development is a revolution in the app industry and is great for potential clients who want their work to be done quickly.

Quality Delivery

Let’s take a look at some of the technical and soft skills an excellent junior React Native developer should have. How will the new hire support the react native developer for hire organization’s long-term business goals? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll find yourself in a much better position to assess candidates.